Google vs Yahoo vs Bing Search

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Google: Google is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. that enables one to find different sites on the web.  The sites are found by the different keywords one uses.  In addition to finding sites, Google also enables searches through blogs, catalogs, videos, news items along with others.  Google provides internet services that allow you to create blogs, send emails as well as publish web pages.

Yahoo: Yahoo is an American multinational internet corporation.  It is well known for its web portal, search engine Yahoo Search, Yahoo directory, Yahoo mail and yahoo news.  It is also recognized for advertising, online mapping, video sharing and its social media website.

Bing: Bing is a web search engine owned and created by Microsoft. It has interface features and media features. It also provides instant answers for sports, finance, dictionary, health information among others.  Bing has integration with Hotmail and Facebook. 
With advanced technology information is now at our fingertips.  There are different search engines one can use for a variety of purposes.  How does one know which is truly the most efficient search engine out there? There are various things to consider when determining which one is the most efficient search engine. 

Google for instance, allows 10 results per page.  If one desires more results per page it is possible to change the search settings to 20, 30, 50 or 100.  Yahoo also allows 10 results per page.  Like Google, you can change the search settings to 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 100 for your convenience.  As of April 2013, Bing changed their search results per page.  You will now see fewer results per page.  What used to be 10 results per page is now as few as 4 results per page.  Although, it is possible to see as many as 12-14 if one doesn’t find what they want after going to a website and pressing the back button. With Bing, like the others you can increase the results per page from 10, 15, 30 or 50. 

Various features make Google easy to use.  Google consists of clear and simple web pages.  It is also great at selecting links to closely match your search query, with what you want being located near the top.  Google is fast, with most results being found in a second. 
Yahoo, on the other hand, is the second largest search engine on the web.  Yahoo offers services and tools to help find what you are looking for.  Yahoo claims to be faster and easier than ever.  The new search results page has less clutter and loads faster than before.  When doing a search on yahoo it is important to use specific words instead of general words for a better result.  
Along with those, Bing has recently made your searches easier with the introduction of seven new auto suggest categories.  The seven new categories include brands, movies, albums, places, software, sports teams, animal species and more.  This new feature is helping make distinctions between the different meanings of a single word. 

Google has launched a new feature known as sound search on the Glass gadget.  This allows users to identify a song playing in the background by simply saying “Ok Glass, what song is this?”  They also plan to add a new voice command which will enable users to listen to music from Google’s online music services including Google Play Music and All Access.  Google also just recently unleashed the second edition of its mobile playbook. 
Yahoo has come out with a new app called Yahoo Screen.  This app serves as a hub for all of the company’s media content.  Yahoo screen allows users to watch any of Yahoos media from one central location.  Yahoo also implemented two new add features.  Yahoo Streams is one which allows a new way of introducing ads.  The second one consists of a redesigned Yahoo Billboard.
Bing has been implementing new features in order to real in marketers to the site.  The Change History Graph is coming soon which enables marketers the content analytics they need to improve paid campaign performance.  Bing has also brought forth a new Bing Interface which allows you the best search with people from your social networks. 

Google shopping has been around the longest compared to its opponents. Google presents pictures of products and links to stores that sell them online.  Google Glass provides price comparisons for your convenience. 

Bing Shopping provides a relatively straightforward interface with few distractions displayed.  There are 3 core features when shopping with Bing, including Filters that allow you to filter searches by price and discounts, price comparisons that allow you to compare across retailers and graphs showing the price of a product over time.

Yahoo shopping is a place to read user reviews, find great products and buy online.  Through Yahoo one can shop by store, read merchant reviews and compare merchant ratings. 

Technology has grown leaps and bounds in the recent years.  Search engines have allowed us to view the once impossible.  There is a lot of competition out there between the search engines when determining which one is the most desired.  Google has many wonderful features which puts it in the number one position.  Overall, Google provides more relevant information.  With its instant search feature, it saves more time.  All of the media features Google has enable one to have access to all they need.  Also, with expected 17% more of shopping being done on mobile devices this year, Google has everything you need on your computer or smartphone.

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